Growth Strategy

Growth strategy with customer focus

Digital marketing is gaining momentum. There are always new channels that offer new creative opportunities to connect with your consumer. Via the digital channels you want the brand to bring the story around your proposition aimed at a specific target group or segment thereof. To optimize these customer journeys we work with Google's See, Think, Do and Care model. We do this from the growth mindset, in which we analyze and optimize the different phases of customer travel in short cycles. We keep the consumer as a central focus.



Customer success

The better you match the needs of your client, the more successful your company will be. This applies to the product, the communication, the customer journey. But what exactly does the customer want? Our experience shows that you do not always find out exactly what the customer needs are via online surveys. Our experience is that by zooming in deeper and really asking further questions you can lead to very surprising learnings. We test these learnings directly with the target groups in practice through growth sprints, whereby we adjust the strategy if we are successful.


Sustainable growth in communication

We thereby focus as much as possible on sustainable growth from the proposition and content from the content aimed at the right target group or segments thereof such as customers who have been using the product for some time and new customers. Our aim is to move the communication flywheel so your customers understand your brand better, use it, share and brand can come to live.


Schematische voorstelling hoe eigen media door paid, earned en shared worden versterkt.

PESO model

See, Think, Do en Care


To analyze the customer journey we work with Google's See, Think, Do and Care model. This model has been developed to evaluate and optimize the phases of the customer journey.


The goal is conversion that takes place in the Do phase. But in order to get there, the consumer must first be aware of the brand, the product or service. That becoming aware happens in the See phase (Awareness). If the interest is aroused, your customer wants to know more. The Care phase is also important, if you have brought in a customer then you naturally want to keep it. It is very nice if your customer is so enthusiastic that he will advertise for you. Then it becomes Sharing is Caring for the brand, the product or the service. To make optimal use of the model, the development of segments or persona is important.




The customer journey starts in this phase, even if you cannot call the customer a real customer. The potential customer does not yet have a purchase intention in this phase. That is why the advice in this phase is to focus on brand awareness, ensure top of mind awareness. You communicate your product or service to the general public. You adjust your content at this stage, write posts and blogs and be active on the right channels.




Your potential customer knows about the product or service and starts looking more specifically. This does not mean that it will be your product / service, it seeks information and compares. Because visitors search in this phase, it is wise to use Adwords and / or social campaigns. After all, the visitor is not looking for nothing, how nice is it if you offer what he is looking for and the landing page provides the perfect info?

Therefore make sure that the visitor can read on when he needs it. Place articles among themselves in a content silo and turn it into a content cornerstone article. Look at the time on page, the click thru rate, sharing the page to estimate and optimize quality.



Bam, there is that sale that you were waiting for! Whereas in the Think phase you focus on conviction by providing info and USPs, you now focus on the conversion. Look at the number of conversions and analyze where opportunities lie, so that campaigns become and remain profitable.



Care & Share


The conversion has been achieved, but this does not mean that we are there. Now it is important that the customer remains satisfied. Because often the influence of word of mouth is still forgotten. Many more conversions can be achieved by keeping customers satisfied, for example through cross sales right after the purchase. The KPIs that can be used for this are customer reviews, engagement and, for example, the open rate of a newsletter.


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