Digital Growth Made Simple

We help brands and companies improve their digital marketing and customer journey(s0. Our goal is to organically gain as much awareness and conversion as possible and then support this with targeted campaigns. We make sure your customer really understands your USPs  and your company is easy accesable on Search and Socials. We work data driven data from an agile mindset and we prefer to keep things as simple as possible.


Our goal

Our goal is for visitors to better understand the product and brand so that a connection is made. In some cases, there is even a flaming love relationship between the brand and the person. In the last 3 years, our growth strategy hacks and targeted campaigns have resulted in growth in traffic and conversion between 10% and 3000%  for our clients.

Growth marketing packages

We have created monthly growth marketing packages (retainers) to help companies grow online.  With these marketing packs we can achieve 360 ​​degrees substantial sustainable growth in traffic, conversion and community engagement in about 6 months. We focus on effectiveness, conversion, community building. The setup is lean  with clear project management and fully customer oriented. This way we create much more customer value than SEO or advertising alone. 

Search engine optimization

The basis of the SEO advice is the e-scan that focuses on content, technology and methods to increase domain authority. The goal is to attract more relevant traffic and visitors. By this, companies can easily grow sustainably without spending a large advertising budget.

Strategic growth hacking

We can realize various strategic growth hacks in controlled experiments such as A / B testing, competitor piggybacking and 50 more. As a result our client’s conversion has risen between 10% and 3000% the in last three years.

Growth strategy

The basis of our growth strategy is formed by our experience, common sense but certainly also our cooperation with a talent pool of early adopters and influencers of all ages. They don't only help us with the customer journey but also with the promotion. Storytelling involves long and short copy, images, podcasts, videos and apps, promoted by social ads. In this way, the consumer understands the proposition better and there is much more engagement and brand loyalty. Read more about our growth strategy.


Our Clients

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